Licensing Opportunities

Once this process starts you’ll receive a number of follow up email, each designed to assist and assess in our relationship.   We‘ll provide details information about our brand, corporate culture as well as the Golden Bird Vision. We’ll want to know more about you and your interest in starting a Golden Bird Chicken restaurant,  we will also share the following information with you. 

  • Types of Golden Bird Chicken restaurants currently available
  • Estimated costs of each type
  • General requirements for licensees
  • Potential timelines

This process normally take approximately 2 week,  you will get an introduction to Golden Bird Chicken operations,  providing you with an overview of the restaurant layout; key employee positions in a typical Golden Bird Chicken location and their responsibilities, the products, systems and much more. 

We want you leaving this overview with an understanding of what it takes to deliver on the Golden Bird experience, of providing a premium product in a setting that is conducive to family, friend and community. It is critical that potential licensees are a good fit for the Golden Bird Chicken culture and process.

You will be invited to visit any and all of our locations, meet senior team members that head up corporate support functions such as training, marketing, operations, construction and supply chain. This is a great time to get answers to any questions that you’ve yet to ask. This is the team that has the answers.
Time is set aside for a one-on-one discussion with members of the Executive Team to get to know you, and you them. If the parties agree at this stage,  Discovery Week will end with the signing of your initial commitment for licensing .

Upon the agreement of all parties and the submittal of the initial licensing fee we can now get started with the process of making your Golden Bird Chicken restaurant a reality.

There’s a lot involved in site develo-meant, build-out and the actual opening of a Golden Bird Chicken restaurant. Our decades of experience give us unique insight into the steps of the process and we’re able to guide our licensee through every step, including but not limited to:

  • Site selection utilizing our analytical tools to identify targeted areas that have a strong presence for a Golden Bird Chicken customer base
  • Identifying viable locations
  • Providing you with a set of Basic Prototypical plans pre-approved to be modified for local codes
  • An approved list of fixtures, furnishings, and equipment vendors
  • Providing a list of pre-approved engineers, architects and contractors that can assist in securing the necessary permits and permissions required to build or remodel your Golden Bird Chicken location, locally
  • Initial pre-opening training and opening support

These are just a few of the ways we simplify the process to assist you to achieve a successful Golden Bird Chicken restaurant opening.
Then, we’ll continue to work with you as your business grows, providing you with ongoing training and guidance.


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